Legislative bodies can be difficult to navigate. That’s why it is important to have professionals who not only understand the issues, but also understand how to turn those issues into successful public policy results.

DeMenna & Associates
is Arizona’s preeminent
government affairs

consulting firm.

Getting Things Done.

We have been involved in every Arizona legislative session since 1979, and we have collectively helped shape Arizona law for decades.

Founded by Kevin DeMenna in 1999, DeMenna & Associates knows how to help their clients achieve policy goals. We offer our clients state and federal government relations, lobbying, political consulting, and public affairs services throughout Arizona, and the western United States.

With more than 70 sessions of combined experience among the current staff, our DeMenna & Associates is more than capable of helping your organization solve its foremost issues. Equally important, we will always represent and advocate the positions of our clients in a fair, evenhanded, and straightforward manner.

DeMenna & Associates will provide you with the best advice, strategy and recommendations. As your lobbyists, we will work aggressively to advance and protect your interests at all times. We will always conduct our professional activities with the highest standards of honesty and integrity because when we sign on as advocates, we accept and support your mission and objectives as our own.